Twenty-Ninth Sunday Year A

Christ was indeed subversive, radical and counter cultural. But he was not rebellious. The law was authoritative for Christ, and he came not to wipe away a letter of it, but he taught that the letter of the law and its spirit can be quite different: that was indeed subversive, radical and counter-cultural and remains a challenge to us today. We are challenged by this reading to reject the letter of the law and to go with the Spirit.
(Simon Rundell)

Unlike the currency, humanity is not the creation of Caesar, nor does it bear his image; he has no right therefore either to deface it, devalue it, appropriate any part of it to his own use or call it in.
How then has it come about that for centuries so-called Christian nations have countenanced torture, slavery, conscription and the death penalty? The answer, surely, is comprehended in a single word: Constantine.
In an age when the claims of politicians to the authority of a popular mandate appear ever more specious, Christians could do worse than remind themselves of the oldest and most seditious creed: "Jesus is Lord." Not Caesar.
(Nick Earle)

The tragedy of religion is partly due to its isolation from life, as if God could be segregated.
(Abraham Joshua Heschel)


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