Our Lady of Lourdes, Shotton Colliery                                                               

Parochial Administrator: Fr. Ian Jackson

Pastoral Support: Fr. John Masshedar Tel.07811101704                Parish Contact:  Mrs. Norma Musgrave Tel. 0191 5262965/07932 465188

School/Parish Link: Charlotte Carr Tel. 07538 258781   Parish Welfare/Safeguarding Representative: Jo Anne Laing 07528 753110

PARISH NEWS  19th September 2020 – 25th Sunday of the Year

Your prayers are asked for all the sick and housebound, including; Little Isaac, James and Jude, Steven Briggs, Steven Briggs Snr., Christopher Brown, Kenneth Bruce, Andrew Brydon, Liz Butler, Dennis Champley, Christopher, Anne Conroy, James Cooper, Daniel, Fr. Dickson, Mary Ebblewhite, Connie Evans, Marianne Fairless, John Frain & partner Lynsy, Winnie Hudson, Ann Jones, Denise Jones, Dyllis Jones, Marie, Julie McCluskey, Morris, Baby Nancy, Richy, Mr. Robinson, David Roche, Rose, Sarah, Vera Stanger, Les Thompson, all our sick friends and relatives.

Sat      (19th)        4.30 p.m.    Marjorie Henderson & People of the Parish

 Tues    (22nd)       Requiem Mass – George Smith (family only due to restrictions)

 Wed     (23rd)        10:00          Kathie Hughes

Sat       (26th)        4.30 p.m.    Joseph Bernard Devine & People of the Parish


Please pray for the repose of the soul of George Smith (aged 94 years) who has recently died.  We extend our deepest sympathy to family and friends at this sad time.  May he rest in peace. 

Congratulations to yet another one of our young parishioners celebrating his 80th birthday.  We wish Bill Nicholson many blessings and much gratitude for the lovely music he has provided us with over the years.  Best wishes Bill from your parish family.

Congratulations to the children who received the Body of Christ this morning at their First Holy Communion Mass.  Please remember the children and their families in your prayers – Archie, Ava, Grace, Hollie, James, Joe, Joshua, Maisey and Myles.  Many thanks to everyone involved in their sacramental preparation.

Mass Intentions:  Please leave your Mass intentions for Saturdays and Wednesdays in an envelope at the back of church as you come in for Mass.  For intentions within Fr. Johns private Masses on other days, please text or ring him on the number at the top of the bulletin.

Confessions:  After Mass Wednesday and Saturday.  Please make a prior request to Fr. John and remain in your seat after Mass until the Steward advises you to join Father in the chapel where your confession will be heard.  Please note: you will be required to stand for the duration of this Sacrament (as benches cannot be re-used until cleaned).

Mass bookings:  The system will continue and we are getting an increase in numbers each Saturday.  Please ensure you make a booking by contacting Norma (mobile phone number at top of bulletin).  If we reach capacity (48) and you arrive without a booking, you will be unable to join us for Mass.  Saturday Masses can be booked from the Monday before and Wednesday Masses can be booked from the Saturday before.

Food bank:  Much gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the food bank.  Your generous financial donations amounted to several hundred pounds which was so gratefully received.  Please keep up the good work.  If you would like to donate food items, please bring in a plastic carrier bag and leave on the left hand side of the church porch as you enter. 

Feasts this week:  Monday, St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist

Please remember all NHS staff, Carers and the members of our Armed Forces in your prayers

The Bulletin:  if you would like to share some good news with the parish, please let us know and we can announce it on the Bulletin, also don't forget to check out the notice boards for Diocesan news, courses etc.

Help needed:- Is there any handy persons in the parish that would like to help out with small jobs, just like in your own home small jobs crop up in the church and the presbytery . Please let us know if you maybe able to lend a hand. Thank you.   

Offertory Envelopes :-  Boxes of envelopes for planned giving are available from the back of church. Anyone who has not had envelopes in the past please consider taking a set as this helps us to forecast Parish income over the coming year. If you pay income tax and are not in the Gift Aid Scheme please consider joining as this tax can be claimed back by the Parish thus boosting Parish funds with no extra cost to you. Forms are available at the back of Church. 

Gift Aid Claims During tax year 2018/2019 we claimed back 1975.27 income tax from 8 gift aid members of this parish. If you pay tax and are not a member of the gift aid scheme see Pat Kimmitt or Joanne Musgrave for details.

Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme Tax year 2017/18 the parish claimed 1820.00 from amount collected from cash donated on the weekly collection plate.

Parish Accounts:- A report of the Parish Accounts will be available each month at the back of church. If you have any questions regarding the reports see Pat Kimmitt.

Fund Raising:- If you have any ideas to raise money for the church and would like to organise something please let Norma Musgrave know. We can publicise the event. The parish ladies will be willing to advise you on how to advertise your event.

Church Raffle:-cancelled.

Mission Box Holders: The amount realised for the December quarter  was 357.84 this has been forwarded to Mill Hill missionaries in Durham.

First Aider:- Ian Robinson.

ACTIVITIES  Retreats and Courses:- a list of events and courses can be found on the notice board at the back of church.


OTHER MEMBERS Norma Musgrave, Mary Nicholson, Judith Robinson, Charlotte Carr and Father Frank McCullagh. Meetings held Quarterly in the Presbytery.



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